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Planting the Seeds of Change

PFF and MPG with Kim May 2022The Petit Family Foundation *PFF) returned to CMHA's 233 Main Street Headquarters to plant four o'clocks as part of Michaela's Garden Project.
"This is the third season that they've planted the garden," said Kim Petit, Office Assistant with the Foundation. The flowers come from the seeds of the garden of the late Michaela Petit. The Petit Family Foundation sells the seeds in her memory, using the proceeds to further the Foundation’s mission to help educate young people, especially young women in the sciences, support those with chronic illnesses, and help to protect those affected by violence.
The bright, multi-colored blooms will soon greet all who come to 233 Main Street, and CMHA looks forward to continuing this beautiful initiative. Read more in The Bristol Press here.
Right: CMHA President & CEO Raymond J. Gorman with Kim Petit and Bill Petit of the Petit Family Foundation in 2022.
Below: CMHA staff join the Petit Family Foundation to officially designate CMHA's 233 Main Street gardens as a Michaela's Garden, 2021.
CMHA and PFF in Michaelas Garden 2021



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