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The Spott Unlimited & CMHA Join Forces

CMHA is proud to announce a new collaboration with The Spott Unlimited, Inc. (The Spott) to provide Recovery Support Services for Greater New Britain residents struggling with behavioral health or substance use disorders.

The Spott Unlimited, Inc. is a nonprofit recovery-based service operating out of The Spottswood African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church in New Britain. This community-oriented collaboration will include the placement of 8-10 Recovery Assistants at The Spott. Trained in community trauma response and suicide prevention by the New Britain EMS Citizens Academy and Amplify’s Congregational Assistance Program (CAP), the Recovery Assistants will be overseen by a Certified Recovery Coach who is already part of The Spott Unlimited community.

Together, they will provide individuals at The Spott with one-on-one support and linkages to services and resources such as housing, clothing, toiletries, and food. The Recovery Coach and Assistants will connect individuals to outpatient or inpatient care for their substance use or behavioral health concerns, with CMHA available to conduct assessments and accept referrals if needed. As always, any individual ready to begin their path to Recovery is welcome at CMHA.

Describing the church’s mission and sense of purpose, Reverend Samuel C. Blanks said “It’s a matter of heart for us, the people who’ve been working in the trenches. We can reach people where they are, we’ve got the approach for it, and we can serve the community in a way that is needed, but not always addressed.”

Dr. Marie M. Spivey and Michele Stewart Copes of System for Education, Equity, & Transition (SEET LLC), have partnered with CMHA on several previous initiatives and will provide oversight, clinical supervision, and administrative reporting for this innovative project.
“I don’t believe anyone else is doing this,” said Stewart Copes, “I really think what we are doing here in New Britain, [partnering with faith-based organizations], is groundbreaking.”
To learn more about CMHA's services, from therapy and support groups to Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), please contact the agency at 860.224.8192 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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