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A Picnic in July for TYP

TYP Picnic in JulyWhat a great day for a picnic!

"The TYP Picnic and BBQ idea came about as we were trying to figure out what we could do to celebrate the 4th of July as a program," said Ajah Homer, Recovery Specialist for the Transitional Youth Program at CMHA.

 TYP staff thought the event would be a great way to build rapport with clients as well as get them involved in choosing program activities that could be enjoyed by all. Once word got around about the event,  the TYP Team invited staff from other programs to be part of the event.

"We were very happy to be able to speak with our clients about the event and get their full input," explained Ajah. "They selected what food they wanted to have served, what games and activities they'd be interested in playing, and really got to make this event what they wanted it to be."

CMHA staff members, from TYP and other programs, contributed food and supplies for the BBQ to really make it a special event. Residential Monitor Travone Franklin even made a surprise appearance with his Ice Cream Dream truck!

"Everyone had a great time! We saw many of our clients open up and mingle with one another, and everyone left with a smile on their face. Overall, with it being such a success, we've decided to repeat this event annually!"

Thank you to everyone who participated and made the event possible, our clients greatly appreciate you!

TYP Picnic in July Grace Alyssa Susan and Ann



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